Blessings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  God has come to us in the person of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  God comes to us everyday in the persons with whom we live, work, eat and recreate.  God is alive and well.  God is active in our lives.  God speaks to us and through us.  We no longer await the coming of the Holy Spirit or another physical manifestation of the Christ—they are here.  God has come, God is here, Jesus is alive and well in all who are willing to be activated, the Spirit breathes in us and through us and heals, casts out demons and loves with our hands, voices and hearts.  The waiting is over.  The time to act is now.  School students and teachers need us.  Folks with addictions and other demons need us.  We are the casters out of evil.  We are the voices of reason.  We are accountable.  Prayers are not merely words.  They are lifestyles.  They are commitments.  They show in the things we say and do everyday.  Worship is not merely about saying ‘praise Jesus’ or ‘thank God’ it is wise stewardship of all the resources God shares with us. 
Saving our children, our planet, our churches, our nations, our ideas and ideals—is not merely a mental scenario—the time to use the temples of God in which we live as places of sanctuary and action is now. 
Our bodies are called to service.  Our lives are called to bear witness to the awesome wonder of God.  Our kindness and respect for and towards others is our act of praise to our Creator.  Our precycling, recycling, repurposing, awareness of consequences of our actions is our thanksgiving to Jesus.   Our living our faith, values and ethics is how we testify to the salvation we experience in the grace of Jesus.
We are all called.  We are all chosen.  We are all able to share messages of hope, acts of healing, liberating listening, generous distribution of our blessings. 
Together we can share our vision and create a better love-filled world.

First Congregational United Church of Christ   Council Meeting  Meeting Minutes
May 21, 2018
Call to order
Heidi Ball called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.
Roll call
The following persons were present: Rev. Linda, MaryAnn Winkle, Janet Dee, Heidi Ball, and Todd Dibble.  We did not have a quorum so we could only do reporting and updates.
Opening Prayer and Reflections
We opened with a version of The Lord’s Prayer as converted from Aramaic.
Minutes approved from April 16, 2018 council meeting.   The motion was passed by consent.
Treasurer Report from Todd Dibble :
We currently have $59,790.94 in our checking account.
Our giving YTD is down. We are $1833 short as of 4/30/2018. 
Our expenses are behind projections by $3017, so we are $1183 to the good YTD.
It has been discovered that the front window will cost more than planned. A look in to the JoAsh fund is being discussed.
Notes passed by consent.
Committee and Officer Team Reports
Missions and Visitations report from Rev. Linda:
Teenie has been visiting the homes regularly.
Just a quick reminder, there are envelopes in the pews for donations to the local food pantry.
Christian Education:
 The students are done for the year.
The adults will continue every Sunday morning.
Trustees: A status report was given for several items:
Steve Studenmund has resigned his post as a trustee. Thank you, Steve, for your time and efforts!
We need to have a Saturday work day to do some spring cleaning.
Deacons & Sew-n-Sews/Worship Committee: These ladies are busy!
The 6 quilts for grads in 2018 will be ready Wednesday May 23rd! These are for: Rachel, Mike, Peyton, Sara, Zoe, and Kira.
The completion of these quilts has pretty much wipe out the funds for this group. They have not been budgeted for funds for a few years now. We will need to update the budget to account for this.
PLEASE BE AWARE OF ALL OF THE SIGN UPS ON THE BULLETIN BOARD IN THE ACTIVITIES ROOM!! A lot of these needs (liturgist, coffee hour, special music, et.) are going unfilled! Please, please, please consider helping. Thank you!
We have started selling tickets for the raffling off the antique Helen Myers quilt this year in conjunction with the Festifair.   
Voice of the congregation & Wider Church:
Rev. Linda and Paul attended the Spring Meeting of the Wider Church at the Mid-Ohio Foodbank in Grove City, Ohio on May 5th.
Fellowship:    We are trying to get the next euchre night scheduled.
Ministry Teams
Growth and Vitality:   We are always seeking new worth stories or ideas to put in to the newsletters. Please reach out to Lois Welch in the office, or Rev. Linda with suggestions. Larissa and Mathew Smith have been appointed to be our new Media Group. They are going to interview people to post on our Facebook page and/or website. We are also looking to create some 30-60 second videos on why you love your church community to share too. More to come.
Youth Group: Random Acts of Kindness day in the community is happening May 25th from 1:00PM to 3:00PM.
Stewardship/Pledge Drive:    We are still lagging behind in pledges for 2018. Our efforts are ongoing.
Prayer Team: Prayer services will be held the first Monday of every month at 6PM. We are still actively meeting and we are also expanding by using the phone app Pray.Com as mentioned above under Growth and Vitality.
Pastor Parish Relations:   Reverend Linda’s goals and objectives that are set by council are due. The trustee will be reviewing and updating these as needed. Todd is taking the lead on this.
 Festifair  The Sew n Sews and Heidi will be organizing volunteers for this event.  Let them know what you will do. 
Staff Reports  Pastor’s Report (please submit newsletter and bulletin info to Lois by 8 AM Wednesday’s)
Relationship Classes resume the first Mondays after prayer meeting.  Starting in June from 7:00PM. Please join us!
Musicians  Our transition is covered through June. 
Closing Prayer and Blessing: Heidi.
Adjournment  Heidi called for adjourning the meeting at 7:45 PM.
Minutes submitted by:  John Wall written from notes from Todd Dibble

Relationships:  We are pack animals.  We are people who need relationships.  All of us need to work on skills for relating to others as individuals and groups.  Come join us the first Monday of each month at 7 PM to discuss communication and more. June 4 we will be discussing our wishes for times of illness, tragedy and death. 

Hey folks, we need to be aware of those folks in our family of faith who live alone or are isolated.  A simple way we can communicate love is a phone call.   Rosella, Marilyn have both volunteered to participate. 
Please contact RevLinda if you are willing to commit to making at least one phone call per day to another member.  We will then put together a phone call chain for each day to assure everyone hears a friendly, family voice daily.  Thanks. 

Remembering:  As we remember this Memorial Day (May 28, 2018) we think of all the friends and family our membership has lost in the past year.  Particularly we remember John Winkle. 
We also remember all our family and friends who have served in the military and the sacrifices they made for our freedoms.  
In our memories too are all those who helped to shape our lives and make us who we are today.  We recall  the mile markers on our life’s journeys and rejoice with our graduates. 

Getting to Know Joanna Postle
Joanna was born and grew up in Marion, Ohio. She has two brothers and two sisters - all younger than her and still living in Marion. High School brought playing the clarinet for marching band, symphonic band and orchestra. Other groups she participated in were choir, pep club, and Future Teachers of America. She attended many different churches in Marion, among them Baptist, Nazarene and Pilgrim's Holiness.
After graduating from Marion Harding High School, Joanna moved to Columbus in 1970. Having done very well in Spanish in high school, she chose Spanish as one of her majors at OSU. Her other major was Journalism. She worked at the OSU library as a student. However, since she paid for her own education, she only got two years in before running out of resources. A few courses were also taken at Otterbein and Columbus State Community College. Then she worked several jobs before taking an interest in medical claims examining. This allowed her to use her interest in the medical world to make a living.
Joanna married Roy Postle, also from Marion, in 1975. They had started dating right after high school. Roy is a retired electrician. They had Caitlin Leah in January of 1984. She turned out to be a loving and kind person.
After working for two small insurance companies, she landed a job at Anthem Blue Cross/ Blue Shield in Worthington, Ohio. There was an interim where she didn't work for a year after suffering a broken back and arm in a small plane accident in 1980. Joanna feels lucky to be alive and walking after that. She volunteered for any hard jobs and so had the privilege of performing many different functions at Anthem: co-ordination of benefits, working with attorneys, cash/ accounting functions and claims. Eventually, she was allowed to work at home for Anthem, and has worked for them for a total of 34 years.
In 1996 they moved to Marysville because Columbus had just gotten too big and busy for all the family. The family enjoys trips to art museums, arboretums and hiking. They enjoy WOSU nature/science programs. Joanna now has her work, hobbies of planting trees, flowers and vegetables, some needlework, reading and activities at church to keep her busy. Last, but not least, she has her four indoor and one outdoor cats that provide company and lots of love.

While searching for churches on the internet, Joanna and Caitlin discovered Marysville First Congregational UCC a few years ago and have been active members ever since.  They enjoy helping out with the rummage sale, church clean up day, participating in weekly yoga, reading liturgy, and Caitlin has blessed us by playing clarinet for worship on multiple occasions. 

Written by Joanna Postle