Perspectives of our Pastor
Did you have a spooktacular October?  We wrap it up with Reformation Sunday.  My calendar says it is also reconciliation day on Oct 31.  Our faith traditions call us to recall our ancestors, learn from them, and, just as they were, be open to new insights from the ever speaking, ever present God.
As we end our church liturgical year we reflect upon what it is we have to offer to the ever changing and evolving church of Jesus Christ.  What will be pledge to the life and vitality of our family community and beyond?  What time will we set aside?  What resources can we share?  How can we participate in the weekly worship experience?  Listen as Rosella calls you to pray and covenant with us.
As we change seasons in our family life, we start by Hanging the Greens in our sanctuary.  This is a service of anticipation and creativity.  We commence decorating during worship and finish immediately after.  This same Sunday we will dedicate our pledges to God and renew our covenantal relationship with each other and the wider church.
Then on the 28th we will begin our 4 part series on Friends of God.  We will spend time talking about friendship, developing our friendships with one another, and drawing closer to our God.  Everyone is welcome to bring a snack to share and a comfortable chair. 
December 2 is the first Sunday in Advent (which continues 9, 16 & 23), happy new year church!  We are seeking special music, families to light the advent wreath, gloves, scarves, hats, socks and underwear for the tree and folks to take names to provide aid to families in need for Christmas. 
December 24 is Christmas Eve.  We will gather to celebrate life.  Actors and actresses, musicians, readers and dancers are asked to offer their services to enhance this great celebration.
This is a great time to be alive.  We exercise wise stewardship by voting, worshiping, sharing our resources, praying, precycling, recycling, loving and living abundantly.
Ok so now I updated you on events.  I reminded you about actions that need to be taken.  I’ve invited you to be an active participant.  So what is my perspective?
God is  alive and still speaking.  God is best known to us in the Person of Jesus Christ.  We are loved.  We are gifted.  We must utilize our gifts for our community to be whole.  Let’s be more obvious.  Let’s make our truths known.  Let’s live fully and faithfully. 

Watch for sign up sheets for volunteers to do yard work and sidewalk cleaning. 
Council needs workers.  We have great volunteers.  We could still use some trustees.
We continue to assist the Hope Center, local schools, Heifer Project, food pantry, special needs pantry and humane shelter.     We got 2 heifers this past month.
Remember everyone is on a faith journey.  We would love to have you join our Sunday School class on Sundays at 915 AM to discuss the journey with other pilgrims.
How would you like to begin a 12 class course on friendship with Jesus?  I think it sounds fun and interesting.  So I believe we will give it a try for Advent.  Sign Up Today! 
November 28, December 5, 12, 19.
If we like it we will do the other 8 too.
As a family of faith, we have a responsibility to share our resources with one another.
Today I ask you to consider what you have that others might need or enjoy sharing with you.  Start with your personality, your professional and personal skills.  Move on to your time, your tools, your space.  Check your bank account and your wallet.  Explore your relationships and networks.
You can be the difference in the lives of others.  You can make their resources go farther.  You can save a troubled soul.  You can become a saint in another’s eyes. 
You will sleep better and enjoy more what you see in the mirror. 
We are seeking musicians.  We would love to have an active choir and bell choir.  It would be great to have folks willing to fill our worship music schedule.  Keith will work any Sunday he is not expected elsewhere, but those Sundays we need help.  If you play keyboard or guitar or some other music leading instrument please offer your skills to worship.  We are also seeking dancers to enliven worship from time to time.   
Story tellers for the Young Hearts are always welcome also.  We do have some funds in budget to give a gratuity to a choir leader.  Pray about this and put voice, hands and feet to your prayers.
Relationships:  Come join us the first Monday of each month at 7 PM to discuss communication and more.

Remember everyone is on a faith journey. 
We would love to have you join our Sunday School class on Sundays at 9:15 AM to discuss the journey with other pilgrims.